Inside My Room

Here is your personal peak at my classroom!

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I utilize 3 spaces in my classroom.  I have a main topic area where my projector is, this is also where my piano is located. Students sit in rows or groups up in this space. My 2nd sarea is in the middle of my classroom.  I have lots of room for movement.  I utilize the yellow square of tiles in the middle of my room for “circle” time, even thought we are in a square.  I rarely use my risers, except when practicing for concerts because we are up and moving so much.

The 3rd and final space in my room is “Instrument Land”.  This is where all my instruments (minus my drums) are stored.  Students can walk into instrument land once invited, which helps cut down on the random touching and playing of the instruments.  Hvaing my glockenspiels on desks helps to create a barrier between the movement spcae and the instrument space.

These posters are located at the formal learning area of my room.  I have a movement word wall above my board and the Solfege Hand Signs below my board.  To the right I have my Music Around the World poster.  For more on how I utilize my Music Around the World, check out this post ( Around the World).  On my piano I have my Growth Mindset posters.

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I covered my cabinets and even above my cabinets with posters.  These span almost the entire length of my room so it was a lot of space to use!  I have my vocabulary word wall set up by topic.  Above the cabinets are some posters to help cover the storage above.  I have some basic Orff inspired words and also some nice rules for the music classroom.  I also have my exit slip/ formative assessment station.  To read more about how I utilize that, check out my post Formative Assessments.

Back by my instruments I have my board for I Can statements.  I printed out my I Can statements and laminated them.  They can then be used interchangeably on the grade level board.  I also have a Music of the Month spotlight.  In the past I had done a Composer of the Month, but I decided to try and spotlight genres of music as well.  This way I can choose a composer or genre of music to spotlight.  Above those are my recorder posters; things to remember while playing as well as fingering charts.

Finally, behind and next to my instrumentarium, are my posters of instruments families and Orff related tips.  The Orff side has tips and rules for playing the instruments.  The bulletin board has the different types of instruments, different penatonic set ups, and types of borduns we use.

At the front of my room I have all my centers organized in shoe boxes.  This was it is easy for students or substitutes to get them out to use.


Across the way is my “student” center.  This holds all the pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc. As well as any movement props the students might want/need to use.