Everyone always thinks that is the only thing an Orff-Schulwerk teacher uses in their classroom.  Although it is the first word in my title, it is only of of the tools I use in my classroom. I love teaching using the Orff-Schulwerk process, but it is so much more than utilizing the barred instruments.  In Orff-Schulwerk students are at the center of the learning process, experimenting and creating their own ideas for the…


I love to create music WITH my students.  I encourage exploration and creative thinking in my classroom.  You will see lots of options for improvising, composition, and creativity in my lessons.  Students are always encouraged to offer ideas to help us change and improve our songs.  We work together to add ostinato, steady beat, rhythms, melodies, and….


Students need to MOVE!! Children (and adults) learn best when they are experiencing concepts hands on.  I love to have students learn concepts through movement first and then apply that to what else they are doing.  Students can express themselves creatively through movement in a variety of ways.

& More!

There is so much more you can do in a music classroom.  I strive to help my students become learners through problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.  Take a look around a you will see many ideas that you can use in your classroom to create your own music & more!

About Allison

Elementary General Music Teacher —– BM & MM in Music Education —–Orff-Schulwerk Certified Levels 1, 2 & 3 completion—– Coursework in Special Education in Music —–Workshop Clinician

Wife to fellow Miami University alum “Miami Merger” —–Mom of a sweet girl and 2 black labs —– Live & Work in Ohio —– Love group fitness classes —– Target & Amazon addict —–Love all kinds of food, and trying new recipes —– Reds, Duke, Bengals, and FC Cincinnati fan —– Rocks out to Classic Rock & Musicals