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Creative Movement – Shapes

I always begin my music lessons with a movement activity.  This could be a folk dance, body percussion, steady beat listening, or just some good creative movement.  Creative movement is my favorite of all; I love seeing my students personalities come out in their movements.  I work hard to develop a feeling of safe space… Continue reading Creative Movement – Shapes

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Engine Engine #9 Melody

Engine, Engine #9 is always a staple in my elementary music classroom. I use it every year, but needed a refresh this year. Check out my first post about this song to see how we started and what we did with rhythm reading. After doing the "Trains" with the Tubanos and rhythm cards we transferred… Continue reading Engine Engine #9 Melody

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Engine Engine #9 Rhythm Trains

Engine, Engine #9 is one of those staples I use every year.  But after doing it for over a decade I needed to find other ways to incorporate the concepts I wanted covered.  I was getting bored with what I was teaching, and I knew that would come across in my delivery to the students.  … Continue reading Engine Engine #9 Rhythm Trains